Counseling for Anxiety

You’re in the right place. You’ve finally made the decision to reduce your Anxiety and Stress. 


Maybe so far you’ve tried some other things to find relief like….

…scrolling endlessly through social media, or TikTok to numb out your anxiety and just get a break from all the racing thoughts.

…you emotionally eat, drink, game, or shop more than you’d like to and feel stuck.

…your fears to continue to limit your life and choices until your world becomes smaller and smaller.

…you’ve tried other therapists and they pushed their beliefs and values on you, leaving you feeling judged again, and very wary.

….you’ve convinced yourself to just “deal with it” or shamed yourself into believing that you “shouldn’t need help”.


It's ok. You are not alone.

All of the above are natural responses to unnatural stress we have been living in, individually and as a society. Our bodies aren’t made to stay in the “flight or fight” response of tension & worry. All. Day. Long. It’s exhausting

We will try to find relief any way we possibly can. More often, at a cost to ourselves and our relationships. Luckily, we have experts that can teach you how to cope with anxiety and move towards comfort, resiliency & peace.  

With our therapists and coaches, you can learn:

  • Relaxation strategies for body & mind.
  • Mindfulness & meditation techniques to create space between your triggers & reactions.
  • How to utilize your breath & body as resources to generate more calm in your system.
  • Self-care Optimization practices based on your personality, interests, and needs.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) that can get to the actual root of the anxiety & heal it.
  • Walk and Talk therapy in Nature.
  • Trauma informed yoga therapy.
  • Counseling with equine assistance.