Carla Ervin, M.S., LCSW, EFP

My pronouns are: she, her, hers. 

Girl with horse outside in woods.

Clients: Individuals, Young Adults & Children 14+


  • Aetna
  • UHC/Optum
  • Self-Pay

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to help others. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I endured mental and emotional abuse from my peers, and those who had authority over me. Without being aware of it, I had mentally checked out of my life, and found myself feeling like I was just going through the motions.

Eventually, it was one single thought of “I don’t want anyone feeling as bad as I do right now” which led me to my life’s passion of wanting to help those who were hurting. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began my own healing journey, and crossed paths with a therapist who would guide me down the path of reconnecting with the heart of who I was.
A majority of my healing journey included working with horses in a therapeutic setting. Horses provided me with unconditional love and support, and taught me how to love and forgive myself. By my third therapy session, I knew, without a doubt, this was my life’s purpose. To partner with horses to bring healing to the world.

I am certified in equine facilitated psychotherapy from The HERD Institute, and in addition to my work with horses, I offer online and office-based therapy utilizing body awareness techniques I’ve learned from Somatic Experiencing.

I whole-heartedly believe that our physical bodies hold the key to our healing. When we tune into the messages of our body, we start to see how the different aspects of our environment impact our emotional and mental well-being.

I also utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness during sessions. I believe that the foundation of healing rests in having healthy and safe relationships with ourselves, fellow humans, and nature/animals.

What are three words that clients use to describe you? Empathetic, Genuine, Accepting.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing poetry, meditating, and spending time in nature. I also love spending time with my horse, Juno, either riding, or just hanging out in the pasture with her, and my dog Milo. I also have a leopard gecko, named Julio, who has been in my life for 22 years. I am a lover of all animals, and one interesting fact about me is that I have completed basic training in animal communication.

I am excited to be able to work at Mindful Path Counseling & Wellness so that I can offer clients a more holistic approach to healing that focuses on mind, body, and soul. I am committed to supporting you and walking alongside you on the journey of healing.