equine therapy

Counseling & Therapy in Flower Mound, Lantana, Highland Village, Lewisville, Dallas, and Online throughout Texas.

What is Equine Therapy? 

Our equine therapy is done with a licensed therapist and with Mark LoPalo, the owner of Equinection. The therapist can be one you have already been working with, or with Tricia Gagnon LPC, the Clinical Director and owner of Mindful Path. This experience can be an adjunct to your ongoing therapy or a stand-alone experience to take a deep dive into a topic you really feel “stuck”. Maybe a pattern is repeating in your life, or an area you are working on in therapy just isn’t progressing the way you’d like it to. Equine therapy can jumpstart your insights and awareness so that the progress you desire, is finally happening. 

How is it done?

Equine therapy is done outdoors in a covered arena. Before the sessions, your goals and objectives will be identified and discussed. With the help of 4 gentle therapy horses, and facilitators Mark & Tricia, exercises and experiences will be guided that match your desired outcomes. There is time to process your thoughts, feelings, and insights afterward. Clients almost always experience a “settling” feeling after time with horses. Reporting a calm and peacefulness they have not felt before.

Individual Session

$295 for a 1.5-hour session with Mark & Tricia

3 Hour Intensive

$550 for 3 hours of intensive therapy with Mark & Tricia

This 3-hour intensive is recommended for couples &/or individuals wanting to take a deep dive into healing with fast results, insights, and “aha’s”. Since horses communicate non-verbally, they act as mirrors to help us see the effects of our communication on other beings (1200+lbs to be exact). Seeing and experiencing this effect can often help couples learn to communicate verbally, and non-verbally in ways that strengthen their connection and attunement with one another. 

Internal Family Systems, HeartMath, Mindfulness practices, and of course, experiential learning with horses may all be utilized with clients to guide their experience and create their desired changes. If you’d like to know more, or get started, please contact us.  

Equine Facilitated Coaching

Move past your personal limitations and learn more about yourself with the help of some amazingly sweet horses, Grace & Lunar. Mark LoPalo, Life Coach & owner of Equinection, will assist in the preparation, process, and integration of your coaching sessions. As a result of equine facilitated coaching, clients often experience increased connection with themselves and with others-yet with healthy boundaries. The way you view the world and how you respond to the world is played out with the horses in ways that make the “aha’s” abound! Reach out to Mark for a free consultation call or to schedule a session.

Individual Coaching Sessions
$150 for a 1.5-hour session
$425 for a 3-Session package

Coaching Sessions for Couples
The exercises that couples do with the horses are helpful for developing a deep lasting intimacy and attunement with your partner on a level you may have never experienced before. 
$275 for a 2-hour session
$795 for a 3-session package ($30 savings)

Sessions are not covered by insurance.