Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

What is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy?

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is the decision to enter into a therapeutic partnership, and relationship, with a horse based on non-verbal communication. There will be the support of a licensed therapist (the one you have already been working with, or with our Equine Therapist, Carla Ervin, LCSW), and our Equine Specialist, Mark LoPalo, the owner of Equinection. You will undergo the journey of fully embodying your feelings and emotions, and will be able to receive immediate feedback from the horse on how you emotionally express yourself. In turn, you will experience a deepening connection with yourself and the world around you. 

How is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy done?

Equine facilitated psychotherapy can be offered as a stand-alone therapy, or in addition to your ongoing therapy. Before entering the pasture, your therapist and Mark will assist you in identifying therapeutic goals that you wish to work on or may feel stuck in. Activities will then be tailored to fit your identified goals and objectives. In addition, Mark will review with you safety procedures in regard to working with our equine partners. Throughout your session with the horses, your therapist and Mark will be there to support you in processing your thoughts and feelings as they arise, as well as allow for the opportunity to process and reflect on your experience following the session. 

How can Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy help?

While equine facilitated psychotherapy can assist you with various therapeutic goals, many clients of equine facilitated psychotherapy have reported an alleviation of anxiety/depression symptoms, an increase in managing emotions, and strengthening connections. Clients almost always experience a “settling” feeling after time with horses. Reporting a calm and peacefulness they have not felt before. Other areas that may improve over the course of your equine therapeutic experience include, improving communication skills, deepening connection in relationships, living with healthy boundaries, processing past trauma, decrease in negative thinking/thought patterns, and increased awareness.

Individual Session

$325 Spring & Summer Special: $100 off for a 90-minute session with Carla, our certified Equine Facilitated Therapist

This 3-hour intensive is recommended for couples &/or individuals wanting to take a deep dive into healing with fast results, insights, and “aha’s”. Since horses communicate non-verbally, they act as mirrors to help us see the effects of our communication on other beings (1200+lbs to be exact). Seeing and experiencing this effect can often help couples learn to communicate verbally, and non-verbally in ways that strengthen their connection and attunement with one another.