Healing from the Inside Out

Healing the nervous system is a profound and rapid way of creating conditions to promote mental, emotional, and physical health. The benefits of a well regulated nervous system are apparent once you understand how the nervous system interacts with our environment and others.

How do we reverse this, and achieve a “bottom up” right-brain, integrated way of being? Western science is now understanding what the practitioners of acupuncture, yoga, and other body-based wisdom traditions have known for centuries. Emotional, mental, and physical health is dependent on a well regulated and resilient nervous system.

We live in a left-brain culture that teaches us to disconnect at the neck. We are taught to be “top down”, meaning to give attention to what’s going on in our head, not our body. When we do that, we live in our mind and neglect the innate wisdom of the body. This is a recipe for increased anxiety, anger and depression. 

Breath and yoga are two of the easiest ways of repatterning the nervous system back to homeostasis, health, and resilience. Using specific breath patterns and movement, we can break unhelpful patterns and negative beliefs associated with fight, flight, or freeze. 

When we use these techniques to regulate our nervous system, we become responsible for the outcomes of our lives instead of victims of circumstances. If you’re interested in learning how to “bounce back” and to heal your own nervous system, reach out for a free 10 minute phone consultation and I’ll be glad to talk with you.

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