Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic Counseling & Therapy in Flower Mound, Lantana, Highland Village, Lewisville, Dallas, and Online throughout Texas.

What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

It’s a way of helping others on their journey, their unique, individualized, path to healing. It’s approaching each person’s unique characteristics, each person’s stories of the past and dreams of the future, and each person’s pain and grief, as part of the treatment plan. We are looking at you, each person, as a Whole person. When our unhealthy patterns & traumas are healed, we can feel present, authentic, and complete. 

Holistic psychotherapy can help you feel whole again. 

Who can Holistic Psychotherapy help?

Holistic psychotherapy is for people that want complete healing in all aspects of their lives. Anyone that is struggling with depression, anxiety, relationships, or negative beliefs about themselves can learn new ways to cope. We have all had exposure to trauma in some way. It’s part of the human experience.

Trauma can be big things like natural disasters, crimes, car wrecks, medical procedures, and loss, and it can also be smaller events that packed a big wallop to our system because it was a surprise, unexpected, or very emotional for us.

Anxiety and depression can even be caused by second-hand trauma/vicarious trauma. Other symptoms of unresolved trauma can present as: 

Panic attacks

Sleep disturbances

Not trusting others

Isolating, poor relationships 

Being easily triggered and overreacting 

Often feeling stressed and frazzled

Losing interest in former hobbies

Unexplained somatic pains

Autoimmune disorders

Often feeling trapped, stuck or helpless

Rock Cairn

Your therapist can help you identify your intentions for your body, mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational aspects of your life. We are there to walk alongside you on your path to healing & growth. We are not going to judge you. With our expertise & support, you can overcome challenges blocking your ability to live in a state of wonder, gratitude & joy. As our clients heal, they experience more:










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