How can yoga help me in my healing journey?

Why is yoga so amazing? How can yoga help me? Thank you for your curiosity.

There are some incredible benefits I’d like to share with you. There are physical benefits, like increased strength and flexibility, and other life-enriching qualities

Yoga positively enhances and relaxes our nervous system through breath and posture. This allows us to become more still in our minds. We all have default stories about ourselves, and the world, that developed from our past experiences and traumas. When our nervous system is regulated and our mind is quieted through yoga….this allows for solutions to problems to emerge, instead of staying ‘stuck in the muck’.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. Just by bringing mindfulness to movement and breath, we create space physically and mentally. Old, worn-out stories that no longer serve us, can change. Life becomes an opportunity to create and heal. To fear less. You become an alchemist changing lead into gold.

When I teach clients yoga and do resiliency coaching they:

  • Learn how breath creates positive changes in your nervous system
  • Learn the power of moving with mindfulness
  • Learn what poses open and allow healing and release from the physical and emotional pain that is stuck in our bodies
  • Learn how to harness the benefits by developing a consistent practice
  • Learn to expand your window of tolerance for stress 
  • Learn to bounce back from life’s challenges

Are you ready to begin this amazing journey inward and upward and find the gold within? Contact me for a 10-minute phone consultation to discuss how this can be helpful for you!