HSPs and Empaths

Life is hard right now because…

…you feel responsible for other’s feelings or happiness

…people you care about have abused your trust and taken advantage of your kindness

…you’ve been scapegoated, bullied, or felt like the “black sheep” of your family

…you’ve been told you’re too sensitive and can feel everyone’s feelings 

…you often feel disconnected from your own feelings and body

…you feel depleted on every level of your life-  emotionally, physically, professionally, spiritually 


Maybe you’ve tried all the “right” things to help…..

…you buy anxiety workbooks, do the first chapter get overwhelmed and never finish it

…you bought a yearlong membership to Lifetime Fitness and have only gone once

…you’ve tried other therapists and they pushed their beliefs and values on you, leaving you feeling judged again, and wary

…you scroll endlessly through Instagram and social media to numb out

…you emotionally eat and drink more than you’d like to 

…you fantasize about an ideal relationship to fill the void, but nothing works long term


If you keep going down the path of least resistance and things don’t change…..

…your fears of being insignificant & unworthy will prevent you from the healthy relationship your heart longs for

…you’ll never actually have the life or career you truly desire 

…your fears will continue to limit your life and choices until your world become smaller and smaller

…your inability to feel your emotions, and connect to your body, will continue to decrease

…you’ll be stuck in patterns that no longer serve you, maybe never did serve you

Our therapists our trained to help highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and empaths learn how to manage their emotions and utilize their powers.