Jocelynn Jefferson, M.A. LPC-Associate

Supervised by Ashely Kuehne, LPC-S, LCDC

My pronouns are: she, her, hers. 

Clients: Individuals: Adults & Teens 14+



  • Self-Pay

I have a heart for people and helping them achieve holistic wellbeing. In my own experience, having support and someone to walk alongside my journey was so impactful in my own healing. It was not only influential in the work I had to do to heal, but that support made me feel more capable to do the hard work. We all need helpers like this in our lives from time to time.  

I believe clients have everything in them to meet their own unique needs and solve their current problems. Sometimes this strength needs to be tapped into and cultivated through counseling. Within the therapeutic relationship, the client and I may build a safe connection that will organically support and promote an environment for change. I am here for the mountain top moments, the moments in the valley and all the moments in between.

I am not the driver in the client’s journey but rather a passenger who helps to highlight, support, and provide tools along their path towards a healthy relationship with themselves and others. I utilize Trauma informed, TBRI, Multicultural, Adlerian, TFCBT, & Trauma-Focused approaches to help clients increase self esteem, develop healthy coping skills and regulate emotions, decrease anxiety, and learn to set boundaries.  

As clients begin to know themselves better, they will become empowered and realize their capabilities. I am honored to have witnessed many clients move from living a discouraged life towards a life of hope, safety, freedom and connection. Just know, you were built for this.

What are three words that clients use to describe you? Warm, interpersonal, authentic

I can be funny, even if I’m the only one laughing at my jokes. I love all kinds of music: reggae, worship music, jazz fusion, world fusion, ethno jazz. 

I am excited to make a difference here at Mindful Path Counseling & Wellness and in the lives of those we serve. I’m committed to sitting alongside you in your journey to know and understand yourself.

Trained In:

  • Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior 
  • Ongoing Gottman Training for Couples 
  • Family Wellness Training for Couples 
  • Cultural Diversity Training