Mark LoPalo

Certified Life Coach, Wellness + Resiliency Coach, Yoga Teacher, Equine Coach

My pronouns are: He, Him, His

Mark Lopalo Equine Therapist

Clients: Ages 11- Adults


How I got into this work is a result of reaching out during my own personal turmoil. I was struggling with whether to get a divorce or not, and saw a therapist. The therapist knew I did dressage and trained with horses. He asked if I would work with a client of his that was stuck in therapy and headed for divorce and unemployment. I agreed to give it a try, and the rest as they say is history. The client’s relationships and his self-awareness improved dramatically so the therapist couldn’t have been happier. This story always reminds me that as one door closes, another door opens.

In 2012, I became trained as an Equine Facilitated Coach & Trainer. I am certified by the International Association of Horse Assisted Coaching and Training. I am a life-long learner and also certified in NLP, Hypnosis, a 200RYT Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master, and trained in Heart Math. After working with addicts in recovery for many years using horse therapy, in 2018 I started Equinection, LLC. The horses and mini horses in the herd love to work with all types of clients seeking insight.

I whole-heartedly believe that when we look at our stories with curiosity and see them as just that, stories, we have the power to rewrite them in an empowering, life-affirming way. We can lift ourselves out of fear. We can create a life that serves us rather than keeps us stuck. I grew up in an environment that created negative stories about myself and others. As a result of that traumatic environment, gifts and abilities were developed in me; reading the environment and body language, sensing energy, non-judgment & compassion.

I have practiced many forms of awareness and have found none as powerful as the embodied awareness that comes from an interaction with a horse. Horses assist in mirroring our issues back to us for reflection. Seeing our unhealthy patterns and stories play out with the horses, allows us to observe them, learn from them, and change them.

When coaching clients, I may also employ mindfulness & yoga, NLP, & Internal Family Systems. My approach involves carefully listening without judgment nor the need to fix anyone. I believe with a commitment to yourself and the process, you can heal one breakthrough at a time. Often, healing is a winding twisting road leading back to you. Sometimes we simply need a guide with a roadmap to assist in our journey.

I love scuba diving, reading, being outside, digging in the dirt, biking, travel, and all kinds of music. I’m also a raw food chef and chocolatier. My passion is helping people unlock what is keeping them stuck, and move beyond their limitations, so they feel alive and thrive. That is exactly what happens when the horses, and myself, assist in the therapeutic work done with Mindful Path’s clients. If you’d like to experience the horses in your work with therapists or do coaching with me on your own, let’s talk.

What are the three words that clients use to describe you? Kind-hearted, Non-judgmental, Curious.