New Year, New You!

Most of us have experienced the fresh, inspiring, and motivating feeling the New Year brings. Gyms make the most money at the beginning of the year for a reason! Most of us have also experienced the disappointment that often comes with not meeting our New Year goals in the way we had hoped. This can often leave us feeling defeated, hopeless, and disappointed in ourselves. So how can we create New Year goals that we can stick to and feel proud of ourselves for?

Check out some tips below!

1. Set Intentions

We often focus solely on the goals we want to achieve for the New Year which often sets
us up for failure. If we do not know the why behind our actions, it can be difficult
to…well…take action! It can be helpful to first identify intentions we would like for our
New Year to help us work towards our goals along the way.

  • Continue to question yourself about the reasons behind your goals.
  • Why is this important to me?
  • What will I gain from this goal?
  • How will this improve my life?
  • How will this serve me?
  • How do I hope to achieve this goal?
  • How can I lean on support towards this goal?

2. Check in regularly

Any great coach will set goals and intentions at the start of the season but then will also
check in. Intentions are great, but there must be follow up! Check in with yourself, be a
great coach to yourself and schedule regular checkins throughout the year to make sure
your goals and intentions are still helpful.

  • Does this goal still serve me?
  • Is there a different way I can reach the same outcome that would be more helpful?
  • Is my way of achieving this goal still working?
  • Do I need to pick a different support person to help me through my obstacles?

3. Be kind and gracious!

Just because we experience feelings like disappointment, hopelessness, and defeat does
not mean we have to react by beating ourselves up. We can still choose to treat ourselves
with compassion, kindness, and grace throughout the year whether we are meeting our
goals in the way we intended or not. 

Remember, be your own best coach! 

You deserve to be encouraged and treated with grace and compassion even when you do not think you have deserved it! How would you treat a friend that was struggling to meet their own goals? 

Turn this same kindness inwards!