Nici Richardson

LPC, BCC, BC-TMH, Licensed Professional Counselor

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Nici Flower Mound Therapist and Counselor

Clients: Children Ages 11-18, Adults & Families


  • Grief & Loss
  • Perinatal Loss
  • Caregivers
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Professional Burnout
  • Helping Professionals
  • Spiritual Distress
  • Christian Counseling
  • Anxiety& Depression

Payments: Some Insurances, Self-pay

Growing up, my sister was an avid reader. She would read all kinds of books from various genres, and one day, she shared a book with me when I was in middle school, “The Heart Reader of Franklin High” by Terri Backstock. It is a fictional book about a typical teenager who woke up one day, and could hear the deepest needs of those around him, the things that weigh on their hearts, that they often do not put into words. I was captivated by this, and couldn’t help but think what an incredible gift that would be to be able to read other’s hearts. 


Soon after being introduced to this book, my grandmother was diagnosed with ALS. Unfortunately, one of the trademarks of this disease, is that you lose the ability to speak, though you are fully alert and oriented. I remember being able to see into my grandmother’s eyes and imagining all the things she wished she could truly shout. This was the beginning of several seasons being around many who were suffering from terminal and chronic conditions, including that of my mom. It was through several conversations with her, and being given the opportunity to talk with others in the hospital that I realized a passion deep within, that I believe was ignited with the reading of that book. The desire to provide a safe space, compassionate ear, and to hear others’ deepest needs that weigh on their heart.


I have been genuinely blessed with an incredible family. We are one unit that has overcome hardship and genuine pain from the health journey and death of my mom. Her death and legacy, have been what breathed life into my commitment to walk with others through difficult seasons. It has been through my own personal healing journey, that I have found refuge and restoration in expressing myself through art, and creative measures where I can live more in harmony with my own ‘plumb lines’ of purpose and truth. 


Grief, I have learned, is an expression of love, and the ultimate challenge when someone very dear passes away, is what do we do with that love? It has been through multiple paths of leaning into my mom’s legacy, that I have personally learned how to steward my own significance, and feel a sense of connection to her. Meaning has become vital to me, and personal freedom was gained when I learned how unique my healing journey is, and has the right to be. The same should be for you! There are no two healing journeys alike, and that is something I hope will give you grace and compassion as you face the challenges you may be currently wrestling. 


What are 3 words that clients use to describe you? Safe, Caring, Honest


My counseling approach, operating from a biblical worldview, involves providing a safe, supportive, warm, and encouraging environment. I believe in treating everyone with respect, kindness, and empathy. My role as a therapist, I believe is to meet you where you are, and help you to transition to where you want to be, by demonstrating understanding, patience, and unconditional positive regard. Though I do operate from a biblical worldview, I do not believe it is appropriate to ‘force’ my beliefs on anyone, but rather, this view helps me to honor what is of value and importance to my clients, and ensure those are respected in one’s healing journey. 



Healing is in the telling. It’s okay, to not be okay.

I consider being a counselor as both an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to walk alongside others through difficult seasons and harvest the seed of hope and healing together. I am dedicated to utilizing a holistic, integrated approach and use a variety of therapeutic approaches: person-centered, narrative, and existential, cognitive behavioral therapy, and art therapy. In addition, I like to use mindfulness/grounding exercises to help foster and facilitate a space for heightened awareness, and personal connection. 


I have 5 years of clinical experience in both private practice and acute care, trauma level hospital setting. In the hospital, I served as a Chaplain to the patients, families, and healthcare professionals who were facing difficult decisions, significant losses, and in the midst of personal crises. 


I work best with:

  • Adults 
  • Teenagers, and Children  
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Helping professionals (i.e. healthcare professionals, teachers, ministers, counselors, first-responders)
  • Caregivers
  • Compassion Fatigue, Burnout
  • Parents dealing with Perinatal loss
  • Grief/bereavement.

My hobbies include baking, drawing/painting, watching the History channel, taking walks with my family, sports (i.e. avid fan of Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars), connecting with friends, creative crafting, spoiling my nieces/nephew, and studying for my dissertation.  I love Christian music, and can often be found singing in my car as I drive.


I am a fan of Laffy Taffy jokes, they bring such a BIG smile and always make me laugh. Fun fact: I enjoy learning about conspiracies. 


I love the mission of holistic compassionate care that Mindful Path Counseling & Wellness offers to its community. It has an incredible group of passionate practitioners who want to foster a sacred space of healing, and are ready to help those of all walks of life. I am grateful to be a part of a team that accepts insurance and offers a variety of methods in a non-judgmental, and accepting posture. I couldn’t be more thankful and eager to serve!