Online Yoga Classes

A 5-week Journey Designed to Give You the Tools to Enhance Your Healing by using the Latest Findings in Neuroscience and Combining them with the Experiential Wisdom of  Yoga & Meditation.

Each class will be 45 minutes of gentle and restorative yoga to calm the nervous system, enhance body awareness, and relieve stress, with 15 minutes of guided meditation.

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The day you select will remain the same throughout the classes.

Tuesday sessions at 12 pm CST starting January 17th-February 14th

Thursday sessions at 6:30 pm CST starting January 19th-February 16th

via Zoom

Class sizes are limited to 6 people

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Mark LoPalo, 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

I am a life-long learner, certified in NLP, and Hypnosis, a 200 RYT Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master, and trained in Heart Math. I have seen the power of yoga and meditation in my own healing and my clients healing from trauma, anxiety, and depression. 

I wholeheartedly believe that when we look at our stories with curiosity and see them as just that, stories, we have the power to rewrite them. We can lift ourselves out of fear. In this 5-week program, each week we will learn about the foundations of a yoga practice and learn how to create a life that serves us rather than keeps us stuck. 

Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life


“I am truly lucky I found yin restorative several years ago. Mark LoPalo is a one of a kind - gifted teacher and healer. He also brings such a great vibe and positive mindset to his classes. Mark is truly dedicated to the practice of yoga and dedicated to his students. I love the way he teaches- each class has a patient and thoughtful sequence with ample suggestions for modifications. In the beginning I modified a lot and as my body has changed, I modified less. Overall, there has been a real and tangible life-changing transformation mind, body and spirit. Such a win - more limber, more peaceful, happier. I hope you have an opportunity to take a class from this gifted teacher!“
Carol Hill