Overcoming 3 Myths for a Daily Yoga Practice

Are you familiar with the concept of yoga, but immediately think that it is “not for me” or that “I’m not flexible, so I can’t do it”, or “It’s too late”? Read about tips below, learn how all of these statements are absolute myths and how yoga can be a practice for everyone. 

Myth #1: Yoga is not for me 

While it is true that nothing is for EVERYONE, did you know that yoga is actually, at its core, a very gentle and foundational practice that is more focused on finding balance and alignment in our bodies, minds, and spirits rather than achieving an advanced yoga pose or looking pretty for pictures?

If you are interested in becoming more grounded in your mind, body, and spirit, then yoga could be a great practice for you.

Myth #2: I’m not flexible, so I can’t do it

Many people see pictures of professional yogis twisted up in advanced yoga poses and then assume that the whole practice of yoga is not for them because they are not that flexible. While yes, advanced yoga poses require gaining flexibility over time to attain, this is not the foundational point of yoga.

When focused on the movement, or asana, yoga is made to help our bodies strengthen and lengthen to IMPROVE our flexibility. Therefore, it is NOT a practice that requires flexibility to start. If you find your body to be inflexible, then yoga is perfect for you!

Myth #3: It’s too late for me

Many people assume that yoga is a young person’s game or is only for those whose bodies look a specific way. When we look at the foundational concepts of yoga, the point is to become more in tune and connected to our bodies, minds, and spirits, no matter where we are in our journey. Your body does not have to reflect a magic number on the scale or be under a certain number of years old in order to move in a gentle way to find more health and wellness.

Yoga is an INDIVIDUAL practice, so what matters most is what feels good for you and your body. Getting more connected to and tuned in to our bodies and its needs is something that yoga can bring us. This can help us find more gratitude and love for our bodies, just the way they are. It is never too late to heal your connection with your body!

Tips for practicing easy yoga movements throughout your day:

  • Start small, then get big
  • Listen to your body
  • Be gentle
  • Breathe

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