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Mark Lopalo Equine Therapist

Mark LoPalo, Certified Life Coach

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(of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

Notice the definition above. Would being more resilient be a useful skill to develop and strengthen? Our Resiliency Coach can help!

Mark LoPalo is trained in how to heal our nervous system with several different modalities integrated from his work as a yoga & meditation teacher, wellness coach, equine specialist and lifelong learner about resiliency. Not only has Mark utilized his approach and skills to repair his own nervous system. He’s also helped many other clients wanting respite from chronic stress, exhaustion, anxiety & unhealthy patterns.

What affects our resiliency? 

When we experience anything that overloads our capacity to handle what is in front of us, we can become dysregulated.  Our nervous system, that usually is working to keep us healthy and happy-instead prepares us to survive.

Our nervous system chooses to go into Fight, Flight, or Freeze. Our nervous system goes into one of these 3 responses-without our control. Many of us can visit, or even stay in,  these 3 states, most of the time, without even realizing it.

The Fight response may look like: increased irritability, anxiousness, anger, noticing what’s wrong, aggression, panic. 

The Flight response may show up as: wanting to disconnect, leaving early, wanting to move or change things a lot, anxiety, addiction. 

The Freeze response can look like: depression, low energy, apathy, poor boundaries, dissociation. 

Having our nervous system exist in any of these 3 responses (and there’s a few more) causes damage emotionally, physically, and mentally. It’s exhausting.

Resilience coaching gives us the capacity to regulate our nervous system at will. Instead of just surviving, feeling like we are barely keeping our heads above water, we can move into a state of thriving.

What does Resiliency Coaching involve?

Mark uses ancient and modern approaches, and the latest cutting edge understanding of neuroscience, to create an easy to follow personalized approach matching your goals for yourself. 

You’ll receive tools to create the valuable trait of resilience. You can have more flexibility in your responses, less stress, and more resiliency to “bounce back” when life throws you a curveball. 

Be prepared to handle life from a place of compassion for yourself and others around you. Most importantly, you can learn to access resources and strengths you didn’t even know you had.

If you are currently in therapy, increasing your resiliency can allow faster progress on your therapeutic goals. Mark will collaborate with you and your therapist to supercharge your work and compliment the healing process. 

Mark has had great success preparing our clients at Mindful Path, for working on trauma and deeper issues they want to address on their path to healing. 

You will learn how Heart math, yoga, breath work, mindfulness & meditation can increase your window of tolerance. This gives you choice in your responses to stressors. 

These tools take minutes a day to practice and easily become part of your life. You learn how to bring your nervous system back into balance. Thrive in a state of flow and ease with your life and the people around you! 

Heart Math is a biometric device combined with breath and guided imagery that allows us to shift our nervous system from a state of survival (low heart coherence) to one of thriving (high heart coherence). The Heart Math process is easy to learn and more importantly becomes a practice that is easy to be consistent with. You can measure and track your progress in an easy free app on your own time. 

Yoga creates elasticity within the nervous system as well as the body in general. You can learn restful poses that are accessible to anyone, and any body type. When done consistently you may notice more flexibility in your responses, as well as your thinking!

Mindful Breath is the third pillar in the process. Making your breath intentional can alter the state of your nervous system quickly and noticeably. There is a whole science to breathing called Pranayama that has been around for millennia-because it works to create a sense of calm & peacefulness.

Meditation and sound journeys, using Tibetan sound bowls and gongs, can also be an important part of restoring our nervous system to health. Individual sessions may incorporate all of these modalities, or just a few, based on your needs and preference.

Mark offers a free 20-minute phone or ZOOM consultation. Contact us to learn more.

We suggest 4 sessions, which may include techniques of Heart math, mindfulness & meditation, yoga, breath, sound journeys, reiki, and various coaching modalities. We have found that it facilitates more success integrating new skills and patterns into your life with four sessions.

Investment per individual session is $100.00

Package of 4 sessions is discounted to $360.00

Individual Yoga session per hour is $75.00 

Sound journey per 1.5 hour session is $150 

Equine 1.5 hour session is $150