Tricia Gagnon, M.S., ED.S, LPC-S

Owner & Clinical Director 

Certified EMDR Therapist & Consultant

200 RYT Yoga Teacher

My pronouns are: she, her, hers. 

Woman smiling outside on grass.

Client: Adults Ages 18+


Self-Pay Only

*Accepting New Clients for Ketamine Assisted Therapy & EMDR Intensives Only*

MY STORY began after going to counseling at age 13. I was either living in a semi-numb state or very emotional. Past traumas and being told I was “too sensitive” had led me to shut down my feelings. When my feelings would finally bubble up (as they always will), they would come out sideways….I had no idea what was happening or how to handle it.

After only a few sessions with a therapist, I could talk about my feelings calmly. I didn’t shut down and/or cry like before. Something had happened when it seemed like we were only having a conversation. How could that be? Why did I feel better? It seemed like magic had happened and I had to know just how. I began to study psychology on my own from that time forward. I now know that the “magic” is created through the supportive and empathetic collaboration that occurs between a good therapist and their client. 

I SEE MY JOB AS guiding you over, under, and around all blocks that prevent you from utilizing your gifts, talents, and abilities. I truly believe clients already have most of the answers they are seeking, within themselves. We all have innate wisdom and capabilities that have gotten us through life’s struggles and traumas. I like to help clients connect to their strengths as we move toward healing their past, and co-creating their future. 

I also believe….You can do more than you think you can! Our minds are really good at limiting our reality and keeping us safe. Our minds can also talk us out of our dreams with a single sentence such as, “You can’t do that” “You can’t be yourself” “You can’t trust people”. When we work together, we undo this “old programming” and update it to: Your Best Self 2.0.

Like most chronically anxious clients I see, anxiety and hyper-vigilance were wired into my nervous system.  The good news is that with neuroplasticity, we now know how to rewire our brains, and fortify our nervous systems so anxiety, panic & PTSD are reduced. That’s why I have extensive training in the latest research-based methods for trauma recovery and healing: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), IFS (Internal Family Systems), trauma informed yoga therapy, and mindfulness

I WORK BEST WITH high functioning trauma survivors. Individuals that are willing to join me on a deep dive into healing. Clients that are ready and willing for growth & change. Not in a drastic way that upsets your life, but in a way that is meaningful and lasting as you stretch and transition into your authentic Self. When you have a breakthrough, I will help you figure out how to integrate this new information into your life in a conscious, fearless way that connects with your values. 

Incremental changes, over time, amount to big healing.

The Latin phrase, “cura te ipsum” (physician heal thyself) has informed my own personal therapy journey. I work really well with other therapists, coaches, and other healing professionals on their personal and professional growth, never judging that they don’t have it “all together”. None of us does, and we do very difficult work! The willingness to work on ourselves takes courage and commitment and I admire and respect healers that do their own work. I also do trainings, consultations, workshops, and retreats with other therapists.

What are the three words that clients use to describe you? Calm, Soothing & Encouraging

My clients often comment that I am very mellow and chill. While this is true, (thank you meditation!) people are usually surprised to find out how much I love to seek out novelty & adventure due to being an Enneagram 7- the Enthusiast and a high sensation seeking HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I love to travel & explore, attend festivals, dance, mountain bike, snorkel, camp & hike.

Gardening, being with animals and nature, are all wonderful therapy for me as an INTJ. Despite having four cats, I am not just a crazy cat lady (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and I also have two wonderfully grown children. I listen to all types of music from bluegrass to house music, classic 70’s to Miles Davis. I am also a Gong Master and do sound journeys in order to deepen meditation. 

I founded Mindful Path Counseling & Wellness in order to create a healing space that aligns with my own holistic journey through healing, while also offering treatment with the latest research-based psychotherapy. As a trauma survivor and recovering codependent myself, I know the importance of an emotionally safe space for healing to happen. I consider it a duty and honor to always provide that environment as I guide clients towards living authentically, with empowerment. 

Although I am a spiritual person, I am not aligned with any religion and accepting of all faiths, beliefs, and lifestyles. If after reading all this, you feel like we are a good fit, reach out and let’s talk by phone or video chat to see how we can partner for your very best life.

Available for in-person and online counseling.